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Concrete appearance is the latest focus in home improvement. Large investments are commonly made in painting, landscaping, etc. in an effort to improve the appearance of property...usually with little or no consideration given to the large, stark grey areas of the driveway, walkways, patio, pool deck, porch or garage floor. That is unless one is able to make substantial additional investments covering it up with brick, pavers or tearing it out & pouring new [decorative?] concrete. Even those costly investments & upheaval deliver little more than seen at a neighbor's yard or in a Home Depot catalog.

Doing something more creative & economical generally isn't considered for the simple reason little is commonly seen 'outside the box' on existing concrete on most properties so it doesn't come to mind. On the interior, concrete slabs & basement floors are typically hidden under linoleum flooring or glued-down carpet. Few people consider what magic can be done with the ugly slab underneath a worn floor covering and the dried glue that holds it down. More often stained concrete is seen in various guises in glossy magazines... alongside other 'dream' ideas you may not think you currently have financial resources for. However, you might be surprised how much concrete can be transformed with a moderate investment.

Concrete Ideas specializes in the application of concrete 'art' done on existing concrete with acid, semi-transparent, and opaque stains, sometimes combined with etching. Several ideas and examples of possibilities with some explainations of the process are available on this site. I hope you find something here that will give you inspiration. I will be happy to talk with you about what you would like to transform. That's what I do.

"Can You Imagine?"